Quality be our first priority

Achieved your learning needs and help you get a good result


Most of the teachers come from nursing schools and the rest with rich clinical experience


Most of the subjects and nursing procedures as stated in the Nursing Council Hong Kong are included in our courses


Teaching methodology focuses on understanding, analytical thinking and application


Small class teaching, not more than 8 students in a class

This will facilitate us to monitor closely on individual student’s progress of learning



Flexibility in Course Arrangement

  1.  Courses will start if total no. of students equal or more than 3
  2.  Discount will be offered to those who enroll to the course together with their friends:3 people enroll to the course will receive 5% off; 4 people 10% off; 5 people or more 15% off
  3. People can request to arrange a special class with their friends, if no. of student is adequate.Ourcompany will have special arrangement to fulfill students’ needs e.g. date of classcommence